NEW DIRECTION (A): A Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Curriculum REVISED

A NEW DIRECTION is a comprehensive cognitive-behavioral therapy treatment program that gives chemically dependent offenders the tools and techniques to challenge their thinking in order to change their criminal and addictive behavior patterns.

*Real inmates tell the real story about recovering from a life of addiction and crime ... the cognitive-behavioral approach helps inmates see how their attitudes and assumptions fuel destructive behaviors
*Modular structure allows for easy customization to meet individual, facility, and budget needs
*Can be wholly implemented as a new program or implemented in part to enhance your existing program
*Features built-in tools for measuring outcomes provides framework for standardized treatment from facility to facility

Consists of six core modules: Intake & Orientation, Criminal & Addictive Thinking, Drug & Alcohol Education, Socialization, Relapse Prevention, and Release & Reintegration Preparation. Each module features videos, client workbooks, and facilitator's guides.
*Now included in the "Release and Reintegration Preparation" module is Hazelden's groundbreaking video "The Turning Point: Breaking the Cycle of Addiction and Incarceration" (also available separately). The addition of this poignant video brings new depth to this important module.

*Also includes a CD-ROM containing all program information, worksheets, and supplemental information as well as the Outcome Study Guidebook, Staff Guidebook, and Administrator's Guidebook.

NOTE: The 12 DVDs in this package are also available for purchase separately as a whole or individually.

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