CANADA: Timoon and the Narwhal DVD

How did the narwhal get its tusk? A young blind boy's aunt is melancholy and restless. She wanders about each day, trying to find what it is that she longs for. The young boy loves and protects her, often accompanying her on her walks. Find out how the boy's aunt finds happiness in the form of a narwhal and how she rewards Timoon for his love and devotion in this tale based on an Inuit legend. Immerse yourself in the culture and beliefs of the Inuit people through the captivating animations of this traditional tale.

*Part of the multivolume Animated TALES OF THE WORLD SERIES
*Includes PDF Teacher's Guides
*Closed Captioned

#14286/196315 minutes2005Grades 3 to 6 $89.95 *CC

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