Lydia Ramsay, provides business etiquette advice to the likes of Turner Construction International, Colas International, Gulfstream Aerospace, The PGA Tour, The American Hospital Association, The U.S. Federal District Courts and The U.S. Bankruptcy Court and The Insurance Underwriters of Georgia. In this series of live broadcasts she espouses her belief that etiquette in business is not about the rules; it's about the relationships. There are four programs in the series:

DINING FOR PROFIT: Is That Your Bread and Butter Plate or mine?
You can have your cake and eat it, too. Just be sure you are using the right fork! This fun and informative program arms you with a full menu of strategies that will have your clients eating out of your hand. Manners do matter, so learn how to confidently increase your bottom line every time you sit down with a customer, potential client, supervisor, board member or anyone who has influence on your career or business. Includes how to navigate the place setting, butter your bread, make peace with your napkin, manage messy foods and much more! 37 minutes

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Seven Seconds to Sink or Swim
What do people think when you walk into a room - or do they even notice? Help is here! This program holds up a mirror to how you look, sound, dress, and communicate every time you need to make a powerful first impression. Learn how to use what you say, tone of voice, body language, and more to work for you--not against you--the next time you make an entrance. 25 minutes

RULES FOR THE WIRELESS: Offline Strategies for an Online World
More and more business communication takes place over the Internet. According to a recent survey, 74 percent of business communication takes place by e-mail, voice mail, telephone, cell phone and fax. While meeting with your clients and your co-workers face to face is the most effective means of establishing and building relationships, it is not always possible. When you can't be there "in person", use these cutting-edge courtesies to make a great first impression and grow healthy, profitable relationships using the latest technology. 35 minutes

NETWORKING MAGIC: Connecting With Confidence
Learn how to prepare for and profit from any networking opportunity, whether it is a planned event or a chance encounter. Being comfortable talking with others on a professional or personal level helps you develop more profitable relationships. Don't leave the office without these must-have strategies. 25 minutes

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