ARE YOU LISTENING JIM? Hearing Conservation

This program presents the story of one worker's struggle with his own "inner voices" that encourage him to take better care of his hearing. Your workers will understand that it is not just the noise at work that can cause hearing loss, but excessive sound levels off the job as well. The overall message is simple, hearing loss is permanent but preventable and everyone needs to take care of their hearing both on and off the job.

Using high end graphic production techniques, creative dialog and compelling visuals, your employees too will start hearing voices that encourage smart hearing protection choices.

Viewers will learn: The mechanics of hearing; How sound affects the ear and how hearing loss occurs; Warning sign of hearing loss; Types of hearing protection and how to use them; and, How annual hearing tests measure and record hearing loss.

*Includes Administrative Materials, 5 Employee Handbooks, Software Templates
*Closed Captioned
*Also in Spanish

#14419/049014 minutes2011 $489.95 *CC Streaming Available

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