This training program is designed to educate your employees on how to protect themselves from bloodborne pathogens. Presents the circumstances of an exposure situation from three perspectives: the victim, the responder and the co-worker. Each tells their story and how it relates to how the viewer needs to protect themselves any time they are potentially exposed to an incident involving blood

Viewers will learn: What Bloodborne Pathogens are and how they are transmitted; Information on Universal Precautions and Personal Protective Equipment; and, Proper work practices for cleanup and exposure response.

*Explanation of the OSHA Standard
*Step-by-step Instructions for How to Develop Your Exposure Control Plan
*Code of Federal Regulations
*OSHA Requirements
*Written Program Development
*Bloodborne Pathogens Written Exposure Control Plan
*Recordkeeping Forms:
(Exposure Determination Form I, Exposure Determination Form II; Exposure Incident Checklist; Exposure Incident Report; Bloodborne Pathogens Training Record; Source Individual Medical Release/Refusal Form; Sample Form Letter to Health Care Provider;
Bloodborne Pathogens Program Evaluation; Bloodborne Pathogens Equipment List; Exposed Employee Medical Release Form; amd. HBV Vaccination Declination Statement.)

*Includes Administrative Materials; 5 Employee Handbooks; Software Templates; Overhead Templates in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

#14424/049015 minutes2009 $495 *CC Streaming Available

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