LOST AND FOUND: Young People Talk About Depression

*CHRIS AWARD - Columbus Int'l Film/Video Festival CINE Award

A powerful peer to peer video featuring eight young adults, ages 11 to 20, who discuss the sources, impact and aftermath of depression in their lives. These articulate adolescents describe the effects of depression on their feelings, actions, conversation and even their choice of clothing. Topics touched upon include: abuse, alcoholism, suicide, terminal illness, death, adoption and self-esteem.

An excellent resource for adolescents who struggle with depression and for the caregivers who work with them, this timely production provides unusual insight into common and unique factors that cause depression, creative and successful methods of coping, resolutions that offer hope about the condition and challenges that must be faced in an effort to return to one's perceived self.

#14511/069722 minutes2009 $209.95 Streaming Available

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