The Iroquois, also known as the "OGWEO:WEH," were a harmonious Indian confederacy made up of six tribes -- the Seneca, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga, Mohawk and Tuscarora -- who stood behind principles of peace, equality and justice. British and French territorial battles stripped the Iroquois of their land, and federal government schools set up to "take the Indian out of the Indian" resulted in a loss of tribal language and culture. Today, the Iroquois live in western New York and southern Canada. This program includes interviews with Oren Lyons, Onondaga Tribal Chief and author, who discusses the importance of the land and the urgency of protecting it for future generations.

"...viewers get a chance to see cultural practices and hear native languages that contemporary Native Americans are struggling to save from extinction...these would be a boon to school and public libraries...recommended." - Video Librarian

"Intriguingly presenting the lifestyle, culture, and history of various Native American tribes...given a sense of immediacy through its many fascinating interviews... vivid and very positive portraits of Native Americans' histories and traditions." - Booklist

#14528/196330 minutesGrades 5 to A $99.95

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