STEROIDS: True Stories hosted by Curt Schilling

Former Boston Red Sox All Star pitcher Curt Schilling talks about the disastrous consequences of anabolic steroid abuse.

Teen athlete Craig, his parents and sister describe their five-year "nightmare" resulting from his steroid use. Nate, a successful 18 year old athlete, explains how he builds strength naturally. Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School, answers FAQ. Recommended for grades 6 through college, parents and other caregivers.

* Discussion Guide available on the DVD


"An important resource for every school, community and family. It doesn’t preach but offers the truth about these dangerous drugs. Boys and girls will see the adverse effects steroids have on one's physical and mental health. Parents who view this program will want to talk honestly with their kids about steroids, and intervene when they sense trouble."
Dr. Roberto Olivardia, Clinical Instructor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School

"If you’re a head coach of a program, I hope you will take the time to show everybody in your program the DVD - from Varsity to JV to the freshmen team. If you have young assistant coaches, make sure you watch it together and talk about how to discuss the issue of steroids with your athletes. If we’re not willing to have the conversation, we’re not going to fix the problem."
Peter Roby, Athletic Director, Northeastern University

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