INTERCONNECTED WORLD (THE): An Inside Look at the IMF and its Impact

Growing affluence in Asia, economic development in Eastern Europe, and new approaches to natural resources in Africa - all are major influences on the global financial landscape and all provide ample demonstrations of the IMF at work. This program guides viewers through the history, mission, and real-world impact of the International Monetary Fund. Topics (all with an IMF focus) include China’s need to boost domestic consumption and build social safety nets for its population; Ghana’s challenges in ensuring that oil revenues benefit the country; and Poland’s adoption of market economy principles as it moves toward economic powerhouse status. A section on the origins, evolution, and future of the IMF is also featured. Interviews with key IMF and academic figures appear throughout the film.

*A viewable/printable study guide is available online.

#14679/063545 minutes2010 $169.95

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