DISCONNECTED: A Month Without Computers

No email, no Facebook, no blogging. No Google for researching term papers, even. From here on out it’s pencils, spiral notebooks, typewriters, and good old-fashioned library books. What twenty-something in his or her right mind would partake of such insanity? Answer: three college students who have volunteered to spend 30 days without touching or using a computer. Documenting their "digital detox" with equal parts humor and angst, this film examines the ubiquitous presence of technology in 21st-century society while exploring, in a reassuring way, the natural resourcefulness with which Andrew, Caitlin, and Chel confront their ordeal.

*Some language may be offensive; viewer discretion is advised.
*Viewable/printable instructor and student guides are available online.

#14683/063561 minutes2009 $169.95

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