Recent surveys revealed that thousands of children stay home from school every day because they fear what other kids may do or say to them. The newest forms of bullying are Cyberbullying, cruelty on the Internet, and Bullycide, one child driving another to suicide. Family members tell the tragic story of 13-year-old Ryan, who took his life after being subjected to merciless taunting and teasing at school and online. Another victim, Marvin, fantasizes about taking violent revenge against his school tormentors. Viewers will also meet Allison, whose family sues her school after she is relentlessly sexually harassed. This powerful program indentifies warning signs that a child is being bullied, including dark moods, bad grades, and wanting to be alone, so that steps can be taken to help.
#14709/144520 minutes2006Grades 6 to 12 $159.95 Streaming Available

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