The pain bullies cause is not always physical, and the weapons they use are often invisible: teasing, exclusion, and name-calling. Their victims may experience a loss of confidence, a drop in grades, and a fear of people and school. In this wrenching program, bullies and victims speak out about the nature of bullying and its devastating legacy. Viewers will meet Sarah and her former best friend, who shunned and bullied her in fourth grade. This program also features Doug, 14, who witnessed his sister become a victim of sexual harassment, and formed an anti-bullying committee at his school. The concept of "spectator responsibility" is introduced, offering real-life solutions on how to stop bullying before it becomes a danger. By helping individuals develop confidence and strength, the bully's invisible weapons are easier to see, and easier for the victim to ignore.

*Part of the CONNECT WITH KIDS Series

#14712/144520 minutes2006Grades 6 to 12 $159.95 Streaming Available

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