Six of America's representative Native American nations from five major geographic areas are portrayed here by historic photographs and graphics, dramatic reenactments, maps, haunting music, and the people's own words.

The series consists of six 10-minute programs:

SHAWNEE: Indians of the Midwest
The Ohio Valley, or Old Northwest, was a good refuge from Iroquois attack for the Shawnee, until European settlers arrived.

SEMINOLES: Indians of the Southeast
The Seminoles, Native American people originally of Florida. The U. S. acquired Florida and fight to retain their land. The tribe never officially surrendered.

NAVAJO: Indians of the Southwest
The Navajo, second largest Native American tribe in the North America. They resisted Spanish and American encroachment on their land but eventually were defeated and transported.

CHEYENNE: Indians of the Plains
Cheyenne, Native American people that reside on the Great Plains. Their name means the beautiful people and they were known for their strong religious beliefs and for their strong warrior class, the Dog Soldiers.

IROQUOIS: Indians of the Northeast
Also known as the "Five Nations" consists of the Mohawk, the Oneida, the Onondaga, the Cayuga, and the Seneca tribes. They negotiated the Great Law of Peace or the League of the Iroquois, which influenced American political thinkers.

LAKOTA SIOUX: Indians of the Plains
Part of a confederation of seven related Sioux tribes. For many years, the Lakota Sioux dominated the high plains country. As they lost much of their lands to white settlement, the Black Hills became their sanctuary.

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