What is the connection between trauma, addiction and criminal behavior? "A great deal" explains Gabor Maté, M.D. With twenty years experience dealing with the results of all three of the above while working with the inhabitants of Vancouver's notorious lower east side, Dr. Maté explains why the criminal justice system and the techniques used in the corrections industry need complete revamping immediately - if not sooner. Why are a disproportionate number of Dr. Mate's addicted patients coming from the Native Canadian community? Because they have been disproportionately traumatized.

PART ONE "What is it that the correctional service actually corrects? In my view very little...and the criminal justice system is completely criminal and it should be studied." So begins a provocative presentation by trauma and addiction treatment expert, Gabor Maté, M.D. While working for two decades on Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, Gabor saw how the purely medical model of addiction theory fails to take into account the effects of trauma and the biopsychosocial conditions of human beings as they live in relationship with others. He argues that current Canadian social and criminal policy exacerbate and entrench addiction, criminal behaviour and human suffering. He calls for social policy, medical training and criminal justice to become more fully aligned with the current science and understanding of addiction and healing. 45 minutes
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PART TWO - Dr. Gabor Maté is joined by Ray Corrado (Simon Fraser University, School of Criminology), Tim Veresh (The John Howard Society of the Lower Mainland), and Sav Bains (The Correctional Service of Canada [CSC]), to continue the dialogue on addictions and corrections. Underlying the discussion of the treatment of addictions in the prison environment is an awareness that new and impending crime legislation will result in increased federal and provincial prison populations.
90 minutes
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