With half of marriages ending in divorce, why does 90 percent of the population still enter into matrimony? Is the Western notion of permanent, monogamous marriage entering a new phase, a more flexible and adaptable one, or is it becoming obsolete? Are there alternatives that make sense? This film presents an eclectic mix of couples (both male-female and same-sex) who discuss how and why their unions have succeeded, no matter how quirky, elusive, or poignant the reason. Featured experts include body-language analyst John Gottman, economist Betsey Stevenson, Beverly Hills divorce attorney Cary Goldstein, biologist David Barash, and marriage historian Stephanie Coontz. Along the way, the film’s director chronicles the joys and heartbreaks of her own marriage. Contains mature themes and nudity.
#14752/063553 minutes2010 $169.95

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