Make a positive impact on our service today! A new series of customer service scenarios, designed for today’s high-efficiency, money-saving training needs.

SERVICE IMPACT is a series (also available separately) of training videos created by Service Strategies Corp., one of the top training, certification and consulting companies. You’ll benefit from Service Strategies’ decades of hands-on experience and expertise. Featuring engaging, lifelike scenarios and highest quality production, training will be enjoyable - and highly effective. This series is highly versatile, designed to be used for meeting openers, training, and more! And with a feature-packed facilitators guide on CD-ROM, you’ll have all the tools you need to make training easy - and successful. Priced for today’s streamlined budgets, you’ll enjoy all these benefits while saving 60% off the typical price of a training program.

This series consists of five customer service training videos five minutes each:

Discover how to be honest about service problems - and boost your company’s image! A new customer service scenario, designed for today’s high-efficiency, money-saving training needs. This program teaches: Never lie to customers; Take responsibility for mistakes; Take immediate corrective action; Safeguard internal information; and, Don’t reveal information that could damage your company’s reputation.

Bridge cultural and communication differences with the universal language: great service! This program teaches: Avoid slang - use proper language; Be patient with accents, unfamiliar terms; Speak slowly, clearly; Respect and appreciate the customer’s effort to learn your language; and, Reframe and seek alternates to barriers.

Discover how to see all sides of the customer experience - and achieve first-class service! You’ll discover the secrets of improving customer satisfaction by seeing all facets of the client experience. This program teaches: Avoid focusing on single components of service; Focus on measurable results; Learn to measure multiple facets of service; and, Balance a variety of measurable dimensions for excellent service.

The customer service field guide: discover how to identify and work with different types of customers and co-workers! This program teaches: Learn how to recognize the competency and skill of customers; Learn how ecognize the competency and skill of co-workers; Know when customers or co-workers are conscious - or unconscious - of their skill level; Be better able to help customers, based on skill level; and, Be better able to help co-workers, based on skill level.

Caution! Find out how to calm - and not to calm - the caustic client! The program teaches: Allow customers to vent; Acknowledge customers’ feelings; Take ownership of the issue; Avoid blaming the customer; Focus away from emotions, toward issues; and, Collaborate with customer to solve problem.

*Easy-to-use - includes facilitators manual designed by service experts
*Highly engaging - quick-paced, lifelike scenario gains and retains attention
*Save money - all the quality at 60% off the typical price
*Save time - quick program for efficient learning and behavioral change
*Versatile - use for meetings openers, training sessions, and more

Also, broadcast-quality DVD filmed in HD with professional cast and crew
Facilitators guide on CD-ROM (Activities, Discussion Questions, Student Worksheet, PowerPoint file, Pre and Post- Training Assessment)

Education 20%
Government 10%
Non-Profit 10%

#14770/05772009 $889.95 *CC Streaming Available

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