How do you introduce the topic of cultural diversity to children, when so often it is the "elephant in the room"? What are age-appropriate ways to talk about such complex concepts as discrimination and culture? Watch as group counseling experts, Drs. Sheri Bauman and Sam Steen, demonstrate the answers to these and other thought-provoking questions in this complete recording of six live, unscripted counseling sessions with a group of fifth graders. Go behind the scenes with the co-leaders as they process each session, providing the viewer with rich insights into their thinking processes. As you get to know the leaders through their revealing conversations, you will learn what works and what mistakes to avoid, while gaining a deeper understanding of the benefits and challenges of co-leading groups.
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Chock-full of tips on everything from participant screening to self-disclosure to termination, this uncut video is an exceptionally valuable learning tool for professionals who want to improve their group facilitation skills, no matter the topic or population.
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There are so many wonderful activities demonstrated in this video that are easy to learn and implement. One particularly powerful exercise takes place in the third session, when the group begins to directly face the pain of discrimination and ignorance. In this activity, called "Words Hurt", Dr. Bauman reads words which represent hurtful or discriminatory things that many people hear throughout their lifetime. The children are given Styrofoam balls, which represent the inner self, and are asked to insert toothpicks into their "self" when Dr. Bauman reads a hurtful comment that they have heard directed towards them. In this emotional session, we begin to see how prevalent teasing and discrimination are in these young children’s lives, and how important it is to offer safe spaces where children can talk about the pain they have experienced, so they can begin to heal from shame and learn to celebrate differences. This comprehensive video will help you create such a space.
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By watching this video, you will:
* Learn how to create a therapeutic environment to increase children’s awareness and appreciation of multiculturalism.
* Increase your skills in leading and co-leading groups.
* Understand how to facilitate developmentally appropriate activities and discussions that foster reflection.

4 hours 46 minutes *Includes Instructor's Guide


"This is a wonderful window into how groups can be used with children to deal with the hurts and pain of cultural/racial discrimination or bullying. The co-leaders orchestrate a 6 session activity focused group designed to elicit, educate and begin to heal these wounds. It is touching to see the kids take ownership of the group, become more comfortable, take bigger risks and finally decide the most powerful session was their most painful. This is an extremely useful teaching tool for both general group work with young people as well as more specifically dealing with issues of cultural diversity."
- Linda G Rose, LCSW, Adjunct Faculty at the Wright Institute, Group Therapy Trainer, San Francisco, CA

"Great primer on early stages of group, working with children of diverse backgrounds. Issues of diversity are woven in, in a non-threatening way. Children respond well to the exercises and create a safe space to explore personal issues."
- Vernon Lee, PhD, Private Practice, San Francisco, CA

"This film delivers a poignant and heartwarming illustration of how a group of culturally diverse 5th graders cope with the complex challenges and negative effects of discrimination and stereotyping. Educators, counselors/therapists, parents, ‘tweens’ and teens will benefit from the innovative model courageously presented here by Drs. Steen and Bauman to facilitate children’s discussion of painful feelings associated with society’s intolerance of difference. This DVD demonstrates that supported open dialogue fosters safe, constructive exploration of differences and allows the richness of diversity to emerge in the service of children’s improved social and psychological wellbeing."
- Lois Friedlander, MFT, Associate Clinical Professor, USCF School of Medicine

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