MEDICAL ETHICS: Real World Applications (3 Programs)

While the field of medical ethics often deals in abstractions - including historical currents, sociological findings, theological perspectives, and complex philosophical arguments - it comes alive when applied in real-world settings, whether they’re clinical, spiritual, political, or personal. This three-part series balances all of those ethical arenas as it examines genetic engineering, in vitro fertilization, and euthanasia in the 21st century.

There are three programs in this series:

It’s one of the greatest breakthroughs in scientific history, but genetic engineering has also brought disturbing new questions. Should we push genetic research to its absolute limit, exploiting every discovery? What are the consequences of intervening in nature’s processes at their most fundamental level? Outlining the potential benefits of genetic engineering, such as the treatment or cure of hereditary diseases and the creation of better, more efficient crops, this program also explores the moral dilemma over cloning and the controversy that surrounds stem-cell research. Viewers encounter both secular and religious perspectives in those debates - which will only acquire greater urgency as the scientific frontier advances. 19 minutes

IVF: Medical Ethics
Jokes about test-tube babies may have faded into pop-culture history, but today, even though in vitro fertilization has helped millions of people become parents, the technology still leads some cultural observers to question its methods, applications, and moral impact. IVF can be used to weed out hereditary diseases, but this ability to select embryos based on DNA testing also raises fears about choosing gender, hair color, eye color, and other aspects. Furthermore, what are the economic implications? Should IVF be affordable for everyone? This program shows how different countries have dealt with IVF-related controversies and looks at the often opposing stances which various religions take towards the procedure. 20 minutes

EUTHANASIA: Medical Ethics
If death comes without suffering, under the care of a physician and requested by an individual who desires peace and closure, what are the grounds for stopping it? This program investigates the various moral, religious, and philosophical perspectives surrounding euthanasia. Highlighting both pro and con arguments in the debate as it has taken shape in the United Kingdom, the video features such prominent figures as Lord Joel Joffe, who brought to Parliament a bill supporting assisted suicide, and Baroness Jane Campbell - a disabled peer who was at one time given a "do not resuscitate" notice and who now strongly opposes euthanasia. A short dramatic segment provides context with an illuminating, emotionally charged narrative.
25 minutes

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