WE WILL MISS YOU: Support for Grieving the Death of a Pet

Animals are guileless. That sort of honesty touches the human heart in a unique way. It allows us to see a better side of ourselves than sometimes is visible in our relationships with our fellow human beings. We invest a deep part of ourselves in the relationships we have with our pets. They are our family. When a beloved pet dies, we become vividly aware of the loss, and we need support that understands the depth of our love and attachment. This video offers this level of support as you grieve the death of a pet who was a companion, a family member, and a friend.

Topics include:
* The human-pet relationship is unique.
* Grief can be unexpected.
* You may experience feelings of guilt.
* Women, men, and children grieve differently.
* Other pets will also grieve.
* Some people will not understand.
* Create your own simple funeral or memorial.
* Consider whether to get another pet.
* Ritual is important.

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