With information access, particularly via the Internet, children are being exposed to pornography much earlier these days; and at an alarming rate. Parents, caregivers and educators struggle to find appropriate response when they find out their children have been exposed to sexually explicit materials, often through inexplicable physical demonstration of sexual behaviors and language. In other cases, the anonymous nature of the Internet also breeds sexual predators and victims. With the help of experts, educators and families, viewers learn how to deal with this phenomenon; from prevention to conversation with child and reporting suspicion of abuse by sexual abuse predators online.

Presented in three parts:
Volume 1 - The Preschool and Elementary School Years
Volume 2 - The Adolescent and Teen Years
Volume 3 - Child Pornography, Molesters and the Internet

#14907/102728 minutes2007 $119.95 *CC Streaming Available

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