HEALING CIRCLES: Resolving Conflict Creatively between Victims and Offenders

"Thought-provoking. Presented in a highly original way which holds (the) viewer’s attention. HEALING CIRCLES was touching and brings up (the) important question of healing rather than just punishment."
Rebecca Iverson, Community Boards, San Francisco

"HEALING CIRCLES video is powerful - shows what a skilled facilitator and the circle process can achieve" Jim Powell, District Principal, Educational Programs
School District 69, Qualicum, BC

A "healing circle" is transformative. It transforms an adversarial approach to a communal process: the goal is not to blame and segregate (or expel) but to hold accountable the offending behaviour and to help victims, and the community-at-large, deal with the psychological consequences as well.

This award-winning video may be used in a variety of settings. One of them is the response to bullying. In this respect, some communities have started to use "Healing Circles" as a powerful and effective tool. They recognize that the response to bullying requires all stakeholders to be involved.

Bullying is recognized as the most serious and wide-spread problem facing schools today. Not only does it hamper the educational process but it very often leads to victim suicide or revenge with the use of weapons. So far educators, parents, social workers and police have not found an effective response to this problem. However, "Healing Circles" presents a model which is adaptable to the needs of distinct communities.

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