SUSTAINABLE GREEN FARMING AND LIVING: Eco-Farming, Organic Farming, and Green Buildings for Green Living (2 Programs)

The audience for this set is anybody who is interested in organic food, sustainable organic farming, living, mobility and building. Will be enjoyed by high school students, technicians, undergraduate and graduate engineers, architects, agricultural engineers, managers and policy makers, farmers and scientists.

Part 1 defines what is organic vs. conventional farming through the application process of how to become an organic farmer in six steps. Then the differences between organic and non-organic produce with several practical examples. The benefits of organic food considering nutrition, pesticide levels, taste, environmental impacts, humane considerations and price are also examined.

Part 1 and Part 2 carries on with an exciting visit to the First Hungarian Cooperative for Organic Farming in Europe - including the animal farm, some of the fields, as well as the eco-village. Some traditional sustainable green fabrication methods are demonstrated in detail in buildings under construction, as well finished family homes are visited.

#14940/035360 minutes2010 $249.95

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