Strengthen every teacher-mentor’s capacity to provide constructive, meaningful support to entry-level teachers! Offers staff developers the materials they need to help experienced and novice mentor-teachers acquire the six essential behaviors of high-performance mentors: committing, accepting, communicating, coaching, learning, and inspiring.

Workshop facilitators will be able to introduce the author's high-performance mentoring framework and engage participants in discussions about:
*The four stages of the mentoring relationship
*Understanding beginning teachers and related learning levels
*Methods to increase mentor/mentee commitment
*The influence of beliefs on the mentoring process
*Mentoring as a path to professional growth

The package includes:
*The DVD that features James B. Rowley discussing the essentials of high-performance mentoring and shows mentors demonstrating practical mentoring strategies
*A companion DVD with navigation menu for easy stop-and-search control of the video content
*A step-by-step Facilitator's Guide with segment prompts, workshop outlines, extended workshop activities, key points, and discussion questions.

#14997/188347 minutes2009 $369.95

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