BLACK HISTORY: A Retrospective

Celebrate black history with 39 captivating programs! This comprehensive compilation features an in-depth collection of documentaries and programs chronicling the contributions and accomplishments of the most prominent and influential African-Americans throughout the history of the United States. From the oppression and hardship during the time of the Civil War to civil rights movements that paved the way to this country's first African-American president, this set is the definitive retrospective of Black History in America.

A rare collection of documentary features which celebrate the life, culture and accomplishments of history's most influential and prominent African Americans including: Frederick Douglass. Booker T. Washington. Maggie Lena Walker, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Paul Robeson, Joe Louis, Scott Joplin, W.C. Handy, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Carl Lewis, and, Barack Obama.

*Fourteen hours 48 minutes on 3 Discs

African Americans in World War II
African Burial Ground Vol. 1
African Burial Ground Vol. 2
African Burial Ground Vol. 3
African Burial Ground Vol. 4
Black Wings - The American Black in Aviation
Booker T. Washington - The life and legacy
Barack Obama - The Power of Hope
Carl Lewis on his Career
Frederick Douglass - An American Life
Henry Browne - Farmer
Highlights of The 1936 Olympics Berlin
Integration Report
Jan Matzeliger
Larry Lebby and Stone Lithography
Lou Stovall
March in Washington
Malcolm X Nationalist or Humanist
Martin Luther King - Civil Rights Roundtable
Negro Colleges in War Time
Newsreel The Black Panthers
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Paul Robeson - The Tallest Tree in Our Forest
Poverty in America
Scott Joplin
The Brown Bomber
The Civil War
The Life of Maggie Lena Walker
The Longines Chronoscope Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
The Negro in Entertainment
The Negro in Industry
The Negro in Sports
The Negro Sailor
The Negro Soldier
The Open Mind - New Negro With Martin Luther King
The Plantation System in Southern Life
To Do Battle in The Land
W.C. Handy
We Work Again
What about Prejudice?

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