TING FORUM ON RESTORATIVE JUSTICE: Reflections of the Past, the Present, and the Future

Reverend Pierre Allard, former Chaplain with Correctional Services Canada, delivers powerful, personal stories that highlight the effectiveness and impact of restorative justice. After 35 years of working in Canada's federal prison system, Allard is convinced that restorative justice is the only vision of justice comprehensive enough to address our most serious social and criminal problems. Allard demonstrates that courage, compassion and creativity, along with truth telling and inclusion, provide the necessary conditions for social and personal healing in the face of criminal harm. He calls upon each of us to be involved in this ground shifting movement to restore and revision our justice system. The panel discussion and response to Pierre Allard's address further highlights the groundbreaking work done, mostly by volunteers, to promote restorative practices which challenge the very nature of punishment and encourage a more human and common sense response to harm and wrongdoing.
Part 1

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