This unique board game is a playful, share and stare, humbling, happy, healing process! Designed by two recovering individuals (one of them a professional comedian), it combines elements of all the games you enjoyed as a child, the lessons of adulthood and the mistakes you made in between.

It involves playing cards, game pieces, and a beautiful, comical game board that is unlike anything you have ever seen. Players draw cards, follow suggestions, take direction from other players, move around the board accordingly and see who will survive rock bottom and make it to the winners' circle. Along the way, watch out for control issues, humility, arrogance, and all kinds of personalities before principles! If you have survived your addiction, alcoholism, codependency or other anonymous affliction so far, you may have what it takes to make it through a round of Recovery...the board game!!

*Package includes 6 copies

#15300/03702013 $99.95

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