ANGER AND TRIGGERS SET (2 Programs on one DVD)

Called "a modern day Father Martin" by Father Martin himself, Bob Francis is a new voice, plain and simple. His clear and friendly style promotes good will and positive expectations. This may be just the message your clients need to hear right now.

The two programs in this set are:

ANGER MANAGEMENT: It's the Same as Driver Education!
Short and direct, this video presents a tool for controlling anger "one day at a time". In the same manner we learn to drive cars, with instruction and with rules, we can learn to "drive" our anger instead of letting it drive us. 14 minutes

TRIGGERS: How to Use Them to Strengthen Your Recovery!
Just as a gun can go bang or click, depending on what's in the chamber, Bob teaches how to associate any trigger with something positive in the "chamber" of the mind. Since triggers will always be around, this strategy will enhance recovery and help prevent relapse. 11 minutes

#15310/022325 minutes2012 $129.95 Streaming Available

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