SPITTING GAME: The College Hookup Culture

Filmmaker Denice Ann Evans draws heavily on the voices of students in this timely and eye-opening look at the dangers and consequences of hookup culture on college campuses. Shedding much needed light on a culture steeped in alcohol and often shrouded in silence, Evans supplements student testimony with analysis from experts and health professionals to tease out the gender politics at the heart of hookup culture and what's come to be known as "the spitting game" the finely tuned art of the pickup that many young men now aspire to master. Along the way, Evans raises urgent and clarifying questions about the ways hookup culture may be setting up a seemingly new and potentially liberating set of sexual rules even as it reinforces traditional gender roles, glamorizes high-risk behavior, and clouds issues of consent. The result is a valuable discussion starter, an effective teaching tool, and an important contribution to emerging efforts to understand hookup culture in light of persistently high levels of sexual assault, binge drinking, and gender violence on college campuses.

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