IN THE END: A Medical Dilemma

Intensive care specialist Dr. Charlie Corke is committed to giving his elderly patients every chance to get better, but recognizes that sometimes treatment only lengthens the dying process, causing discomfort and distress. This documentary follows the journey of a doctor trying to balance his own enthusiasm for medical technology with an acceptance that, after a long and healthy life, it may be time to go.

IN THE END is a beautiful and profound film that chronicles the touching stories of patients, their families, and the physician who’s helping them deal with the less-examined consequences of the modern-day scientific advances that are prolonging patients’ lives.

"In the End shows us, in a simple and moving way, that we need to think harder about end-of-life treatment. The fact that we can prolong life means that we tend to do so without asking ourselves if we are really doing anyone any good. And if we did ask that question, then the answer would often be 'no'."

Peter Singer

"The patient-family stories are dealt with in a restrained and poignant manner. The visuals are quietly beautiful and contemplative, allowing the focus of the film to remain on the ethical dilemma at the heart of the story."

Compass, ABC Television

"Illustrates the importance of the medical profession's acceptance of sensible and compassionate management of the end of life experience."

Professor Trevor Jones, Clinical Services Director, Western Health (Australia)

American Psychological Association, 2012
Western Psychological Association, 2012


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