Lady Warriors is the story of seven Native American teenage girls who are Arizona state cross-country running champions in training for their next championship competition. Given their belief that establishing outstanding reputations as runners will help their chances of earning college scholarships, they seize this opportunity to excel and realize their dreams of escaping their community of poverty and despair.

The film takes viewers behind the scenes - onto the Navaho and Hopi reservations, in and around Tuba City, Arizona, and on the road - as the Lady Warriors prepare for their fourth state championship competition. Integral to their success is their coach Milfred Tewawina, a Hopi cross-country champion sensitive to the emotional fragility of his runners and driven to provide them inspired, supportive leadership.

In addition to chronicling their running, the film incorporates brief glimpses of Hopi and Navajo life. Sequences include scenes shot on the Hopi reservation and a Navajo puberty ceremony. This award-winning film is about the will to succeed, the importance of age-old traditions, and the struggles of minority girls to grow up in today's America.

The original 90-minute film is available at the same price.

"The inspiring story is dramatically told and effectively filmed." School Library Journal
"The dedicated coaching and hard work of these girls may inspire other high school teams to excel." School Library Journal

National Women┬╣s Studies Association, 2003
People's Choice Award, Denver International Film Festival, 2002
Best Documentary, American Indian Festival, 2001
Audience Award, Durango Film Festival, Colorado, 2002
American Indian Film Festival, San Francisco, 2002
Best Picture, Audience Award Phoenix Film Festival, 2002


#15363/060556 minutes2002 $229.95

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