A DIFFERENT PLACE: The Intercultural Classroom

THE INTERCULTURAL CLASSROOM addresses the increasingly diverse environment of educational institutions. Educators, trainers, and managers have made this unique program an essential tool in meeting the challenges posed by organizational diversity. Corporate trainers have successfully used the video as a metaphor for exploring leadership and management issues in the workplace. Participants have found that the material facilitates provocative discussions, bridges communication gaps, resolves conflict, and expands perspectives.

In part one, a docu-drama, cultures collide in the classroom. Neither the students nor the professor can negotiate the diverse classroom environment; they perceive differences as deficiencies, rather than as wellsprings of cultural variation. Instead of addressing the historical and personal experiences of class members and their accompanying expectations about learning, the class devolves into frustration and conflict. The professor and U.S. students become annoyed and often combative, while many of the international students withdraw in discouragement.

Part two provides an analysis of the incident: the communication patterns, learning styles, and negative perceptions that led to conflict. Teams of experts provide insightful comments on the behaviors and values expressed in the classroom. The two-part video program comes with a comprehensive instructional guide and an extensive bibliography.

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