TRIBAL WIVES: Female Roles, Western Norms, and Tribal Life (3 Programs)

Entering a developing-world culture, especially an isolated one, is a reality check for any Westerner. If the visitor is a woman, issues related to patriarchal control and female independence will almost certainly shape her interactions with the community. This three-part series follows three British women as they become temporary additions to families in remote areas of Turkey, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. As an on-the-ground case study, each episode evokes challenging questions regarding women’s rights across the globe. To what extent can we impose Western standards? Should they enter the discussion at all? Is defiance or conformity the better strategy when the customs under discussion, however alien, are no longer theoretical?

Three 59-minute programs:
TRIBAL WIVES: Challenging Western Views of Polygamy and Female Circumcision
TRIBAL WIVES: A Look into Tribal Family Life and Female Independence
TRIBAL WIVES: Western Taboos versus Tribal Traditions

*Portions in other languages with English subtitles

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