This interactive program teaches parents how to create an emotional connection so their child can thrive. Focusing on relational parenting, each volume features an overview of emotional needs, common parent-child conflicts, and how parents can modify their reactions to meet their child’s critical emotional needs: to feel respected, important, accepted, included, and secure. Parents will also learn skills to help reduce stress and maintain their own emotional health.

Series includes three 23 minute videos:

Volume 1: BABIES
Acknowledging vs. Ignoring Needs - responding to crying, engaging with and talking to babies, being respectful
Accepting vs. Suppressing Self-Expression - difficult transitions, being flexible, staying calm
Supporting vs. Discouraging Exploration - creating safe spaces, stimulating learning, including babies in family activities
Parent Skills - how to cope with exhaustion and frustration, time management, parent self-reflection *Click here to VIEW CLIP

Volume 2: TODDLERS
Promoting vs. Limiting Toddler Independence - offering choices, patient communication, letting them try new things
Acknowledging Wants and Desires vs. Shaming - toddler lack of self-control, public tantrums, calmly setting limits
Understanding vs. Overreacting To Curiosity - keeping toddler in sight, redirecting to another activity, toddler memory limitations
Parent Skills - family activities and values, taking a parent time-out, creating a parent community

Staying Neutral vs. Being Overly Critical - sibling conflict, talking about emotions, listening without judgment
Being Attentive vs. Inconsiderate - respectful communication, keeping promises, when to be flexible about limits
Giving vs. Controlling Decision-Making Power - dealing with power struggles, respecting child’s preferences and opinions, critical thinking skills
Parent Skills - conflict resolution and anger management, work/life balance, family meetings and communication

*Also available in Spanish

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