FORGIVENESS: The Attribute of the Strong (3 Programs)

In a world where might frequently makes right and violence often makes no sense at all, why is forgiveness so highly regarded by so many cultures and religions? In this thought-provoking three-part series, forgiveness is analyzed through the firsthand experiences of crime victims, peace advocates, and others, who together agree that although forgiveness cannot change the past, it does improve the future. 3-part series, 30 minutes each.

HEALING THE HEART: Forgive and Remember
How could Bud Welch, whose daughter died in the Oklahoma City bombing, forgive Timothy McVeigh? How did the Reverend Walter Everett move beyond his desire for revenge against the man who murdered his son? In this program, these and other remarkable individuals - people who in picking up the pieces of their shattered lives have triumphed over hate - share the details of their long, painful, and deeply personal journeys from shock and the desire for retribution to an attitude of forgiveness.

HEALING THE WOUNDS: Making Peace a Priority
Can the current generation of hereditary enemies muster the will to put the past behind them? Can nations reconcile old enmities once and for all? This program explores the complexities of promoting forgiveness on a mass scale in places such as Ireland and the Middle East. Dr. Robert Enright, president of The International Forgiveness Institute; Nobel Laureate Betty Williams; representatives of The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies; and others discuss their efforts to advance the peace-making process - a process essential to the progress of humanity.

HEALING THE SOUL: Religious Perspectives on Forgiveness
Atonement, penance, and absolution are beliefs that reside at the core of the world’s major religions. Have the practices of contrition and restitution become relics of the past, or are they still viable today as opportunities for spiritual cleansing, healing, and rebirth? In this program, The God Squad’s Rabbi Marc Gellman and Monsignor Thomas Hartman; Dr. Abdulaziz Sachedina, of the Organization for Islamic Learning; Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking; and others present their diverse perspectives on forgiveness in religious and institutional milieus.

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