FALSE MEMORIES: Skepticism, Susceptibility, and the Impact on Psychotherapy

The early 1990s saw a dramatic rise in the use - or misuse - of repressed memory as a psychoanalytic tool. While more and more therapists were encouraging their adult patients to revive supposedly long-buried recollections of childhood sexual abuse, a small minority of experts began to question that methodology - chief among them a cognitive psychologist named Elizabeth Loftus. This film shows how Dr. Loftus challenged the trend of memory "recovery" even as she expanded and enriched the study of human memory in contemporary psychology. Interviews with Loftus are combined with fascinating accounts of her role as an expert witness in the trial of George Thomas Franklin as well as her groundbreaking studies in imagination inflation, the uncertainty of eyewitness testimony, and the positive use of invented memory in palliative and nutritional medicine.

*Original production title: False Memory or Elizabeth Loftus on False Memory.

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