MARKETING SERIES 7: The Marketing Mix - Promotion

Why do businesses promote their goods? To sell more, of course - but it’s not as simple as that. There are different reasons requiring different solutions: a different "promotional mix".

PART 1: Introduction to promotion/advertising. In this part we look mostly at advertising, in all its forms including TV, radio, billboards, cinema and press - and also the internet, which now threatens the existence of some of the old media. What does the internet offer compared to older media? 15 minutes

PART 2 Other parts of the promotional mix. (apart from advertising, covered in Part 1): including direct marketing (mail, email & social media), public relations, sponsorship and point of sale. Above the line and below the line: what do these terms mean? Do they apply these days? Marketing Ethics: large companies are very hot on "responsible marketing", but how much is real, how much PR whitewash? 15 minutes

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