Two documentaries by Michael Apted on scientific and artistic brilliance:

Known for films including Coal Miner's Daughter, Michael Apted's documentary roots began in the 1960s with the acclaimed Up series, where from 7 Up all the way to 56 Up, he returns every seven years to update the world on the lives and thoughts of the same fourteen British children. In these two films, INSPIRATIONS and ME AND ISAAC NEWTON, Apted turns his interviewer's lens to explore the human advances in the arts and the sciences with a slightly humorous approach. How do artists create? How do scientists hope to affect the world?

INSPIRATIONS - Explore the true origins of creativity in arts through interviews with these seven figures of the artistic media.
Musician David Bowie
Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein
Glass sculptor Dale Chihuly
Choreographer Édouard Lock
Dancer Louise LeCavalier
Potter and poet Nora Naranjo-Morse
Architect Tadao Ando

ME AND ISAAC NEWTON - From Madagascar lemurs to a unified theory of everything, these seven distinguished scientists reveal the creative side of the scientific endeavor, beginning with their earliest scientific questions and including their most personal ponderings.
Pharmaceutical chemist Gertrude Elion
Environmental physicist Ashok Gadgil
Author and theoretical physicist Michio Kaku
Roboticist Maja Mataric
Cognitive scientist and author Steven Pinker
Geneticist Karol Sikora
Primatologist Patricia Wright

*Features subtitles in English (SDH)
*Includes two discs - one in DVD and one in Blu-ray format.

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