UNBREAKABLE: One Girl Changing the World - The Story of Malala

"They cannot stop me. I will get my education", declares Malala Yousafzai in this riveting ABC News interview, filmed in the wake of the young activist’s 2013 trip to the United States. Her resoluteness and courage are unmistakable, but as she speaks with reporter Diane Sawyer about her mission and her near-fatal confrontation with the Taliban, Malala’s quite understandable fear and vulnerability also emerge. The conversation - mixed with footage from events in Pakistan’s Swat Valley, Malala’s speech before the United Nations, and interviews with her father and the doctors who saved her life - covers a wide range of topics. From her family and cultural background to her vision of a world in which education is available to all, Malala’s presence on camera is truly compelling and leaves no doubt as to her significance in the global struggle for women’s rights.
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