MAGIC CAMP: Kids Finding the Magic inside Themselves

*Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking at 2012 Newport Beach Film Festival
*Best Feature Documentary at 2013 Garden State Film Festival
*Coalition for Quality Children’s Media

"Charming and riveting. . . about magic certainly, but also on a deeper level about being a teenager. . . Magic isn’t gone. It’s alive and well!" Forbes

"Thank goodness for Magic Camp, Judd Ehrlich's gentle study of a summer camp for proudly nerdy budding magicians. It's heartwarming... All of the campers Ehrlich profiles face obstacles in their normal lives... For some of them, it's their only crack at a safe space where uniqueness is not just encouraged, but actually celebrated."?

At the real-life Hogwarts (a la HARRY POTTER) kids from the world over gather to prove themselves on the stage where superstar magicians got their start. To escape the pressures of growing up, magic-obsessed kids congregate at the one place they can be themselves: Tannen's Magic Camp, the oldest and most prestigious training ground for young magicians. They want to prove their worth on the same stage where superstars like David Blaine and David Copperfield once performed. But to get there, they need to learn more than sleight of hand and tricks of the trade. They have to find the magic inside.

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