SUPER SIBLING: Preparing Children for a New Baby

"This is the perfect addition to my sibling classes. My young students love to see all the footage of babies and their parents appreciate that the video prepares the siblings for life with a newborn." Allison Farr, CCCE

Educate a new generation of super siblings! Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach sibling preparedness? Look no further! SUPER SIBLING has it all!

This program combines the essential information that you need to teach with the wacky humor that kids love. Young children are captivated by this high-energy program that teaches them positive sibling skills. Through the silly antics of Doctor Higabigaby and his Super Computer, funny characters, cool animation, and true stories, you will prepare children to become super siblings.

Content Includes:
*Avery’s Baby Sister (Sibling Story) - super sibling
*Avery shares what life is like with a new baby
*Baby Face - newborn appearance
*Baby Touch - holding a newborn, safety
*Baby Talk - newborn behavior, crying, sleeping
*Baby Food - understanding the importance of breastfeeding baby
*Baby Helper - helping out with the new baby
*Feelings - understanding the difference between sunny and stormy feelings and how to cope

*Be sure to look for teaching tips in the FACILITATOR'S GUIDE. Printable name tags are included on the DVD, and extra activity books are available for purchase.

#15854/090516 minutes2014 $249.95 *CC Streaming Available

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