GLADUE COMMUNITY JUSTICE FORUM: Building Relationships Working Together

This forum highlights the landmark Canadian Supreme Court decision (1999) that decreed that judges must take into account the unique circumstances of Aboriginal people when passing sentence on Aboriginal offenders.

Judge Murray Sinclair explores the historical relationship between aboriginal people and the criminal justice system in Canada and discusses the development of the Gladue protocol in Manitoba. (1 hr. 4 min.)

Judge Tony Mandamin presents on the TsuuT’ina First Nation Justice Initiatives and highlights the importance of Section 718.2.e of the Criminal Code. (57 min.)

Jonathan Rudin, program director at Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto, explains the legal interpretation of the Gladue decision and the Toronto Gladue Court model. (55 min.)

Therapist Tony Martens shares insights gained from the Yellowhead Family Sexual Assault Treatment, Hinton Program, accepted by the courts as an Alternative to Incarceration Treatment Program. Tony developed the holistically based long term treatment program which treats all members of the family (including victim and offenders) where sexual abuse or family violence have occurred. (49 min.)

*Three DVDs in one case total 3 hours 45 minutes

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