Eat beetroot! Add kale! Stick to salmon and pomegranate and chard! These aren’t just foods, they’re (cue trumpets) superfoods! Trusted experts say they’re so super-healthful, when you eat superfoods in super-quantities, you sleep right, feel strong, sound smarter, avoid cancer, and become unequivocally - .super!

It seems logical: spinach is full of antioxidants; tomatoes are packed with lycopene. Your body needs these; therefore, foods with lots of it should be great for us. Right?

Hyperbole alert! Whenever we see claims supporting extreme behavior - even the extreme intake of healthful foods, it’s time to dig deeper. In this program, explore the facts and fascination, myths and messages surrounding so-called superfoods.

Taking a quick peek at the media’s most popular superfood darlings - from kiwi to kale, chocolate to chia, we examine the evidence. If we consume lots of one superfruit or supervegetable, can we skip those deemed...less super? Are any just villains in disguise? Is broccoli nature’s fountain of youth? Can copious quantities of green tea prevent cancer? How did milk suddenly become a superfood - wasn’t dairy was good for us all along?

Students learn to consider, interpret and analyze what’s behind the news stories and magazine articles suggesting that an unbalanced diet is anything more than a spurious shortcut. While preying on the human desire for an easier, faster, more fabulous way to live forever, the media sells more magazines and mackerel manufacturers make more money, but do humans actually get any healthier?

*Closed Captioned

#16003/1120*19 minutes2016 $99.95 *CC Streaming Available

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