Social Media. Text Messages. Emails. It’s never been easier to communicate. And it’s never been more potentially hazardous. This program will help you understand and navigate these hazards.

The YOUR WORDS MATTER training program will help increase awareness of the importance of written communication. Through dramatic vignettes, we explore some of the things that can go wrong and provide some practical advice for avoiding these pitfalls. Every viewer will learn essential guidelines for avoiding common mistakes and for communicating in a clear and effective manner.

*Your Messages Matter! Think before you hit "reply all". Watch out for autofill. Be careful in your communication.
*Your Tone Matters! People may misinterpret the tone of your communication. Learn how to avoid these pitfalls.
*Your Privacy Matters! Social media is not private. Learn lessons for handing social media.
*Your Reputation Matters! What you say electronically can affect you or your business. Learn how to manage your communications effectively.

*Closed Captioned **20% DISCOUNT to EDUCATION
*Purchase includes Leader's Guide and Quiz

*A full-length preview of this title is available upon request

#16102/096011 minutes2015 $394.95 *CC Streaming Available

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