RESUMES, COVER LETTERS AND PORTFOLIOS: Necessary Tools for Landing the Interview

Searching for a job is a process ... not always easy and oftentimes, well, work. Part of the process includes preparing the following: a stellar resume, an attention-getting cover letter, and an up-to-date portfolio. Whether you're creating your very first resume, have already written dozens of cover letters that left you with radio silence, or don't know where to begin with your portfolio, this video will help take some of the guess work out of and explore the how-tos of resumes, cover letters, and portfolios.

In this program, viewers will learn about the different types of resumes and when to use each; how to best match their skills, qualifications, and experience with the requirements of the position; how to write a cover letter that would motivate an employer to invite them for an interview; and, why they should expand their work story with a portfolio and positive online presence.

*Includes Instructor's Guide

#16113/128028 minutes2016Grades 9 to A $109.95 Streaming Available

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