UNDERSTANDING YOUR NEWBORN provides comprehensive, evidence-based education about baby care in the first six weeks and beyond, helping you deliver consistent information at every touchpoint. Featuring modern, high-quality footage of actual newborns and real-life stories from first-time parents, this DVD allows you to teach in a clear and relatable way and deliver the latest guidelines from the Academy of Pediatrics and other trusted organizations, along with the importance of baby cues, early brain growth, and bonding.

Content Includes:
* Newborn Traits - womb to world, skin-to-skin care, appearance and reflexes, senses
* Newborn Behaviors - states of alertness and how to interact, newborn sleep and breathing patterns
* Crying and Comforting - newborn crying patterns and why babies cry, comfort techniques, coping with crying and Abusive Head Trauma, baby blues and PPD
* Feeding - breastfeeding, formula, burping
* Diapering - supplies, how-to, diaper rash, stool and urine
patterns, when to call the healthcare provider
* Bathing, Nail Care, and Dressing - sponge bathing, tub bathing, water safety, nail care, dressing
* Newborn Health - cord care, circumcision/penis care, well baby visits, jaundice, vaccines, hand washing and visitors, taking temperature, when to call the healthcare provider
* Newborn Safety - car seats, equipment recalls

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