LAST INTERVIEW (THE): Stuart Hall on the Politics of Cultural Studies

"Thanks to Sut Jhally's powerful last interview, Stuart Hall continues to instruct, illuminate, and inspire. His call for a conjunctural analysis of this moment, placing race and crime at the center, is not only prescient, but, given recent developments, absolutely necessary to our political survival."
Angela Y. Davis | Distinguished Professor Emerita,
University of California - Santa Cruz

In this interview conducted shortly before his death in 2014, Stuart Hall, one of the seminal figures in cultural studies, talks about his classic work Policing the Crisis, describes the political, symbolic, and material concerns that animated cultural studies in the 1970s, and offers a critical assessment of the field today. He then turns his attention to the always shifting terrain of race and identity in the United States and Britain, offering fascinating cultural and political insights into the presidency of Barack Obama and the 2012 Olympics in London. While Hall was physically ill for much of his later life, this final interview provides powerful testimony that his formidable intellect, sense of humor, and willingness to engage with the gritty realities of politics and power never deserted him.

An absolutely essential resource for anyone interested in cultural studies.

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