GROUP THERAPY FOR ADDICTIONS: An Interpersonal Relapse Prevention Approach

While our field offers numerous approaches to group therapy, less is understood about group interventions for addiction. This refreshing video begins to close the gap by presenting a rich series of vignettes from an interpersonal process group for clients in early-stage recovery. Here, you’ll watch Tim Leighton and his UK-based team of addiction experts demonstrate key elements of this experiential model, shown in an outpatient setting. If you work with clients in recovery - or if you simply enjoy group work - this video will give you an array of necessary skills for leading successful interpersonal therapy groups.

Drawing from the pioneering work of Irvin Yalom and Philip Flores, interpersonal group therapy supports a client’s ability to sustain healthy relationships. Based on the idea that relationships are undermined by addictive behavior, this model of recovery helps members gain interpersonal skills in real time. You’ll see these theories in action, as members gradually deepen their capacity to share their stories, give and receive empathy, and navigate rifts. Moreover, you’ll be delighted as initially hardened members soften and brighten as a result of the work. Detailed commentary is offered throughout, outlining important concepts and noting crucial turning points in each vignette.

Leighton and his colleagues take an intentionally light hand in the sessions, supporting members’ autonomy and intervening only when necessary to help clarify the process. You’ll be intrigued by their concise interventions, and impressed by their warmth, insight, and ability to help the group attune to itself.

Regardless of orientation, therapists must help clients tolerate and move beyond the uncomfortable feelings that arise in session; this video provides a solid foundation in doing so from a relational standpoint. If you’re looking for resources on group therapy, addiction and recovery, or interpersonal therapy, this video is a must-watch.

"This superb video showcases highly competent group therapists combined with lucid explanations of both theory and technique. You’ll witness the group leaders harness the power of the group by repeatedly focusing the attention on how members are relating to each other, a key skill in effectively run groups. I would highly recommend this video to any therapist interested in mastering the art of group therapy, regardless of population served."
Irvin Yalom, MD, author of The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy

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