CHILD DEVELOPMENT THEORISTS: Freud to Erikson to Spock and Beyond

The changes that happen to humans in the first two decades of life are astonishing - from being helpless newborns to independent adults. The study of that journey - with its physical, intellectual, social, and emotional changes - is called child development theory. Theories in child development have changed the way that parents raise their children and the way teachers teach those children.

CHILD DEVELOPMENT THEORISTS is an entertaining and enlightening view of fifteen major child development theorists, including: * Sigmund Freud; Maria Montessori; Arnold Gesell; Lev Vygotsky; Jean Piaget; Rudolf Dreikurs; Erik Erikson; Abraham Maslow; John Bowlby; B.F. Skinner; Benjamin Spock; Lawrence Kohlberg; T. Berry Brazelton; Diana Baumrind; and, Howard Gardner.

*Closed Captioned

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