LATE STAGE DEMENTIA CARE: Hands-On Guide for Professional Aides

How do you provide effective care for persons living with late-stage dementia?

In just 12 minutes, this visual guide demonstrates how to provide compassionate care to persons in the late stages of dementia. In a simple and straightforward manner, this program will equip caregivers with the hands-on skills to address basic care and grooming needs.

Part 1. Changing Adult Briefs (includes repositioning, removing the soiled pad, cleaning and moisturizing the skin)

Part 2. Grooming and Cleaning (includes bed bath and oral care)

Part 3. Dealing with Mildly Combative Behavior

Part 4. Cleaning A Bed Sore (includes disinfecting and redressing the wound)

Reinforced with written directives and ideal for training both professional and home caregivers.

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