MORE THAN A WORD: Native Mascots and their Impact on Real-life Attitudes

MORE THAN A WORD explores Native American-based mascots, especially the Washington Redskins, and their impact on real-life attitudes, issues, and policies. Through interviews with scholars, tribal leaders, lawyers, policy experts, activists, and Washington Redskins fans, the film explores the history of the slanderous term redskin, and delves into cultural stereotypes of Native Americans and their relationship to history. Ultimately, the film argues for representations that honor and celebrate the humanity of indigenous people.

MORE THAN A WORD is an ideal tool for opening up dialogue between students, faculty, staff, and the wider community about the personal and social costs of America's long history of misappropriating indigenous identity and imagery for purposes of entertainment.

*Closed Captioned

#16207/0685*70 minutes2017 $349.95 *CC Streaming Available

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